Cultivating the Future

The Department of Pharmacy Practice is committed to preparing future pharmacists to be caring and knowledgeable clinicians.  Kevin Chamberlin, Pharm.D. is the Assistant Department Head and assesses the didactic and experiential quality of the faculty and works with faculty to enhance their teaching ability or to infuse more active learning into their lectures.

Major Highlights:

Lisa Holle PharmD, BCOP, FHOPA and Jill Fitzgerald, PharmD have facilitated the implementation of MyDispense (a simulated community pharmacy online platform) in several courses as a means to teach and assess student competence with the pharmacist patient care process.

C. Michael White, Pharm.D., and Craig I Coleman, Pharm.D. are Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Teaching Fellows, the highest teaching award for Tenured Faculty at UConn.

Several faculty have stepped up to lead specialized tracks of study whereby students can extend their strong general pharmacy knowledge with a core focus in a subarea of interest.

Devra Dang, Pharm.D. leads the Urban Service Track which prepares students for the complexities of dealing with underserved patients health needs.

Sean Jeffery, Pharm.D., and Christina Pornprasert, Pharm.D. lead the LEADERS track which prepares students to innovate and lead change in the healthcare system.

Jennifer Girotto, Pharm.D. leads the pediatric track which prepares students for careers in pediatric pharmacy.

Jeanette Wick is a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Outstanding Adjunct.

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