PRISM Diabetes, Metabolic Syndromes, Cardiac Diseases, and Respiratory Conditions

In collaboration with Brownstone Clinic/Hartford Hospital, Burgdorf Primary Care Clinic, and UConn Health/General Medicine Associates, we have a unique strength in the primary care management of major chronic conditions including, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiac diseases, and respiratory conditions including smoking cessation. With clinical pharmacy faculty practicing at each of the aforementioned sites, we are dedicated to improving the health of the people of Connecticut, with special expertise in caring for those with complex pharmacotherapeutic and psychosocial needs such as urban and underserved populations. Additionally, UConn School of Pharmacy’s primary care faculty have extensive experience with  training the next generation of not only pharmacists, but also future primary care physicians and nurse practitioners in the optimal prescribing and monitoring of the many medication drug classes prescribed in outpatient settings.

Our pharmacy faculty have a unique niche, working directly with primacy care providers to develop, modify, and monitor patient-specific care plans. Additionally, they meet with one-on-one with patients to discuss their medications, medical conditions, goals of therapy, and nonpharmacological management, including lifestyle interventions. In this longitudinal setting, our faculty build relationships with their patients, providing their therapeutic expertise, along with support and encouragement, throughout the patients’ medical care journey. The continued presence of pharmacists in these settings enhances the patient care process and health of the patients.

In addition to providing clinical services, our faculty have developed scholarly recognition in the area of pharmacists in primary care and in the management of major chronic medical conditions. In a new major initiative funded by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health from 2017 to 2019, the impact of community pharmacists on reducing smoking rates in patients experiencing tobacco-related disparities through an integrated approach which links the Quitline, provider services, and approved pharmacotherapies. Pharmacists in the community can create a community-clinical linkage to increase screening, promote cessation, and offer access to effective services to those who want to quit.

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Funded grant projects in this area include:

Creating community-clinical linkages to reduce disparities in smoking rates in vulnerable populations. Sponsor: State of CT Department of Public Health Tobacco Control Program (DPH RFP#2016-0905: Best Practices in Tobacco Control, for Component 3: Cessation Interventions).  $281,068 PI: Fei Wang.

Predictors of Poor Medication Adherence Among Urban Latinos: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Patients Enrolled in the Diabetes Among Latinos Best Practices (DIALBEST) Trial. Sponsor: ASHP Research and Education Foundation, Pharmacy Resident Practice-Based Research. $5000 Senior Investigator: Fei Wang.

Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture. Sponsor: Hartford Hospital Medical Staff Patient Safety and Quality Initiative Grant. $12,774. PI: Fei Wang