PRISM Skills-Based Education

Skills based education assures that our affiliated clinicians and community health workers have the knowledge and experience to begin new experimental interventions and after a research project ends it shortens the time between the completion of a project and its incorporation into clinical practice.  We need the ability to consistently perform novel interventions and to generate capacity to perform them on a larger scale.

The Office of Pharmacy Professional Development (OPPD) is a leader in patient-level, outcomes-based education.  With practice-based (formerly certificate programs) activities in MTM for the adult patient with diabetes, MTM for patients with respiratory disease, comprehensive anticoagulation continuing education and traineeship and immunization training for the pharmacist, OPPD has documented improvements in patient care by pharmacists who have completed these comprehensive programs.  Additionally, OPPD has provided support for PRISM grants where pharmacists have required practice-based education and skill development. These efforts have educated pharmacists ranging from colon cancer screening to medication therapy management and motivational interviewing.

Skills-based education programs develop specific expertise areas for pharmacists and enhance the workforce development mission of PRISM.

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