PRISM Clinical and Health-Services Policy Scholarship

Research does not end with FDA approval of a drug or device. High touch research is needed to translate clinical trial findings into clinical practice and the establishment of functioning health-care systems.

In order to change the way clinical care is provided and paid for, initiatives driven by research that inform that process is needed.  Pharmacists are highly trained yet underutilized and they are amongst the most accessible health professionals which suggests that they are the most able to provide care to the most vulnerable patients.  The ability to deliver a service at a time and place convenient to a patient with limited mobility, no sick days, and limited access to care could be a unique niche for pharmacists.  In this way, we have created, and are hoping to expand, networks that can be interconnected allowing for greater reach in communities and the ability to access patients like never before.  These networks will be focused on contemporary and complex challenges to the lives of those we care for.

Interconnected Networks

There are many clinical areas where faculty and our partners have had an important impact.

Clinical Areas

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