PRISM Partner with us

PRISM transcends the UConn School of Pharmacy, to achieve its mission we need to partner with dedicated and passionate people out in the community at all levels.  We have an incredible number of ways that people can partner with us. For a list of pharmacists and community based organization and accountable care organization leaders who have partnered with us please visit the PRISM Partners Map


Pharmacist Testimonial:

“The patient was so grateful and he said that in return for my looking out for him, he would promise to be more compliant and has started taking his Novolog which he hadn’t used in months. I seriously had to choke bad tears and now he calls me on a regular basis to let me know how he is doing. Thank you so much for this wonderful and meaningful opportunity.”  -Amy Ricupero, PharmD, Med; Pequot Pharmaceutical Network


On the map, we identify pharmacies or organizations that have partnered with us.  We are developing a network of partner sites that will encompass the state and hopefully move into the surrounding region.

    • If you are a provider organization, employer or payer, regulator, legislator, or health care professional interested in a speaker, panelist, consultant, or want to discuss a research project that involves new care delivery and payment models for practice transformation, please contact Marie Smith.



    • If you are a community pharmacist or community pharmacy interested in partnering with us on research projects that are currently underway or ones planned for the future, please contact Stephanie Gernant or Nate Rickles.


    • If you are community based organization interested in exploring the benefits of pharmacist-community health worker teams, please contact Thomas Buckley.


    • If you are a researcher with skills or proclivity to evaluate the impact of pharmacist-inclusive healthcare teams in hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies, accountable care organizations, or community based organizations, please contact Nate Rickles.



  • Philanthropic support of Outcomes Research in the Department of Pharmacy Practice can support: (1) faculty seed grants to enhance interprofessional collaboration, (2) research fellows that support our work, (3) minisabbaticals to train faculty in new techniques and methods, (4) the ability to access new datasets so our researchers can demonstrate proficiency and better compete for extramural funding, and (4) funding for research trainees to travel to present their research or for summer research traineeships. Please contact the UConn Foundation for an opportunity that speaks to your heart.